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Helping you learn critical skills and be better prepared to thrive in your career

Thanks for joining us on our mission to help people like you land their next job and thrive in their careers.

We do this by providing a range of free services to help you level up by being better prepared and more confident.

Who is Workabuddy for?

Workabuddy is specifically designed for those entering work, or already in work, that feel unprepared to thrive in their careers.

It’s for you – if you don’t feel well equipped to land that job that you’re after.

It’s for you – if you’ve landed a job but don’t know how to make an impact in your role.

It’s for you – if you feel stuck in your career, and don’t know what to do next or how to grow.

And it’s for you if you simply want to learn the critical skills that you should have been taught in formal education.

It's increasingly difficult for you to excel:

Things are hard enough as it is. The pandemic has only made things harder.

Below are some worrying statistics in relation to the workforce:

poorly prepared for the future
ready to learn new skills
worried automation places jobs at risk

It's difficult to read these without wanting to fix it all.
We recognise that we can't do that.

But we know what we can do is help...
...even if it's a small group of people.

And we'd be delighted to start with you.

Our services

Here’s a list of all of our services (which are all free!) that you can benefit from straight away:


A full diagnostic of your CV – providing feedback to help you get shortlisted for interviews.

Job App Review.

An in-depth review of your job application to help you to land that job you’ve got your eyes on.

Interview Prep.

Structured support, using tried and tested techniques, to help you shine in your interview.

Informal Chat.

An informal chat with a helpful, listening ear to help you feel better connected.

Career Guidance.

An exploration of your career so you feel more confident about the direction that it’s heading in.

Interview Role-Play.

A role-play session to help you feel happier about your forthcoming interview.

How it works...

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