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Is this all free? Really?

Yes, it’s all free. Really.

You don’t have to pay a penny to benefit from using any of our services.

We just take great satisfaction in knowing that we’ve helped others navigate their career paths in what is clearly challenging times for everyone.

CV Review

Upgrade your CV to land
your dream job

We'll help you create an awesome first impression, express your personal brand and showcase your talent.

What we’ll do to maximise your chances of landing your dream job:

  • Assign an expert to undertake a full review of your CV
  • Provide practical feedback that can be applied straight away
  • Offer a follow-up chat to explain the feedback in more detail
Job App review

Craft the ultimate job app to get your next interview

We'll tailor your job application to the job that you're hoping to land, help you stand out from the crowd and create a powerful, impactful job application.

What we’ll do to increase the likelihood of you securing an interview:

  • Link you with an expert to review your job application / supporting statement
  • Share industry-backed insights on how you can tailor your application
  • Offer a follow-up chat to explain more and get you ready for next steps
Interview Prep

Ace your job interview by improving your prep

We'll support you to overcome job interview anxiety by helping you collate, structure and refine your best career stories to showcase in an interview.

What we’ll do to help you shine in your interviews:

  • Provide 1-2-1 coaching support with a recruitment expert
  • Share tried-and-tested methods to prepare for job interviews
  • Support you to feel confident by helping you nail your best career stories
Interview Role-play

Perfect your interview answers through role-play

We'll make you a natural when it comes to delivering your interview answers
by providing a safe space, a kind listening ear and practical feedback.

What we’ll do to help you master your delivery and ace an interview:

  • Allow you to practise 1-2-1 with an experienced interviewer
  • Tailor the environment to suit your personality type
  • Provide personalised feedback to help you improve your best career stories
Career guidance

Progress your career and
plan your next steps

We'll help you create an awesome first impression, express your personal brand and showcase your talent.

What we’ll do to address the fears, questions and challenges in your career:

  • Pair you with an experienced coach that will provide 1-2-1 support
  • Dive deep and explore your underlying concerns
  • Structure your next steps by mapping out your personalised action plan
Informal Chat

Connect with a caring soul and share ideas & thoughts

We'll connect you with a kind, empathetic coach who'll explore whatever is at the forefront of your mind by listening attentively and sharing generously.

What we’ll do to help you have a better day:

  • Pair you with one of our helpful Workabuddy coachesĀ 
  • Engage in a meaningful conversation on whatever topic you fancy
  • Tailor the conversation to suit what you need most on the day

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