About Us

We're a group of volunteers with a simple aim:
To help as many people as we can -
as best as we can

The Team

Your Workabuddy Team

Mushtaq Osmani


Has been described as a mix between Mother Theresa, Gandhi and Princess Diana in his unwavering commitment to making the world a better place. Admittedly, this description came from him. And he’s writing this now. Oh yeah, why am I writing in third person? Basically, join us on our Workabuddy mission because I’m amazing.

Sukhvinder Khaira

operations lead

Known as Sukhi. But also known as someone very intense. She’s known as this because she hates being known as this. But she is very intense. And she makes the rest of us tense. But it’s her intensity that keeps us organised and on track. Because we all know if we didn’t follow suit, you’d be talking about us in the past tense. We’d be history (get it?).

Ellie Parminter

social lead

The only one young enough to actually know how social really works – so she got the role by default. Turns out she’s pretty good at it. Only problem is that she’s so young that she can only go on social when she’s had all her dinner and then it’s close to bedtime. Not great when you’re trying to build an online community. We’re playing the long game and just waiting for her to grow up.

Taha Asfahani

partnerships lead

Don’t ever trust people that dress as charming as Taha is in this pic. His job is to lure you into a false sense of security, and before you know it, you’ve agreed to do something for free for Workabuddy. Here’s the kicker – he’ll convince you that you wanted it all along anyway. As a free service, we need to work his magic. Thank God for his charming dress sense. 

Yazied Hendricks


Just look at that smile. Isn’t it engaging? Doesn’t it just make you want to smile yourself? This is Yaz. A bundle of energy that lights up a spark wherever he goes. That’s why he leads engagement for Workabuddy – to pass on that energy to our tribe. And I know what you’re thinking? Yes, he did wear sunglasses indoors to look ‘cool’.

Rubel Rahman

Tech lead

We’ll be honest, Rubel doesn’t know anything about tech. That’s because he’s still stuck in the 90s listening to 2Pac’s “Greatest Hits”. The other day, we asked why the website changes hadn’t been done yet. He stayed silent, stared at us and then whispered “Don’t believe everything you hear. Real eyes, realise, real lies”. We’re still waiting on those changes.

Mohammed Salman Shah

talent attraction LEAD

At your service. This is Salman. He’s leading on attracting people to use our amazing free services, recruiting fabulous volunteer coaches and attracting and onboarding our wonderful community members. Like a true solider, he’s committed to the cause. So committed that in the midst of Workabuddy warfare he’s lost part of his left arm and his right elbow. True commitment.